Holiday Clubs

Buddies Holiday Club

Holiday club for 2-4 year olds and 5-14 year olds

Our holiday club is also situated on the grounds of Heatherlands Primary School.

Led by a team of experienced staff your child will have an amazing experience making new friends and taking part in a wide range of events, trips and workshops chosen by the children. We also offer a special trip once a week for the older children, our 10 PLUS trip, this is where the children can choose on the day where they wish to go, spending up to £10 and giving them ownership and independence.

Splitting them into 2 groups, under 5’s (Tiglets) and over 5’s (Buddies), ensures we provide a safe and fun environment for the children to enjoy age appropriate fun and activities. If children have siblings in either group however we do allow for crossover time so they can see each other.

A typical day at holiday club will include a mixture of free time, pre-planned activities, indoor and outdoor fun, snacks and lunch. Our staff are very responsive to the needs and wishes of the children, which means we can be flexible in our approach to daily activities we provide.

Take a look at what is going on during the next holiday club.

With our flexible session times we hope to make your child’s time with us enjoyable and affordable- Click here for times and prices.

We believe that children thrive best with plenty of opportunity to access the outdoors where they can feel free to run around and explore. If you think back to your own childhood – 9 out of 10 people would say their best memories involve playing outdoors and without adult interference!