Holiday Club

Holiday club for 2-4 year olds and 5-14 year olds

We run a fun filled day of organised and child led activities ranging from risky play, den making, arts and crafts, competitions, cooking, games, sports, trips and much more. Children in Buddies are encouraged to assess their own risks independently and enjoy decision making activities to enable them to grow as unique and happy individuals.

Trips: Every holiday club we have one trip per week, (there may be an additional cost) to give children a different location to explore and enjoy. The trips will be either a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and have included Winchester Science Centre, Blashford Lakes, and Adventure Wonderland.

Workshops: We also provide a wide good variety of workshops from outside agencies such as drama, taekwondo, creepy crawly show, etc.

10+: One day of each holiday club, any child over the age of 10 is welcome to join us for an age appropriate child choice activity. in agreement with the parents, the children can spend up to £10, which will be invoiced on the day. The children will have a 10+ meeting and choose what they would like to do that day. Indoor climbing walls, Moors Valley cycle hire, swimming and bowling to name a few.

Snack: We provide a mid-morning and late afternoon snack which consists of a variety of healthy food including fruit, warm and cold snack, fruit juice, milk and water. The children prepare and make their own snack under supervision and also clear up themselves.

Times: Full day 8 – 6                   Half day 8 – 1 / 1 – 6                                     ¾ day 8 – 3

Summer Holiday Club Booking Form 2018:        Buddies @ Heatherlands            Tiglets @ Heatherlands

New registrations: If you are thinking of registering with us for the first time, please call us on 01202 737100.


We believe that children thrive best in an outdoor environment where they can feel free to run around and explore. If you think back to your own childhood – 9 out of 10 people would say their best memories involve playing outdoors and without adult interference!