Healthy Lunches


At Sunbeams we are committed to teaching children about healthy lifestyles, looking after themselves through hygiene, exercise and healthy eating.

In this day and age even our youngest children are bombarded through media about eating, cooking, fast food, body consciousness and weight! They receive messages subconsciously from family and television, and some of these are conflicting and harmful without us even realising it.

Through our healthy lunch guide, giving children access to healthy snacks, growing small amounts of fruit and veg and even providing raw vegetables to investigate in the home corner we endeavour to give children a healthy attitude to food and eating.

As educators we realise that all parents want the best for their children, and often food can become a battleground. We have advice leaflets on portion size and ideas for what to give children in their packed lunch which we devised after taking part in a research project on healthy eating in the Early Years by an undergraduate Ofsted inspector.