Our approach


At Sunbeams we see looking after children as not just a job, but a vocation. We know what works well, but we are always evaluating, observing and striving for improvement.

In this fast paced, ever changing world we need to be bringing up children who are critical thinkers; creative, resilient, confident and inquisitive. We are not here to just teach them about numbers and letters but to give them skills for life.

Children need our time, our attention and our knowledge; but they also need space to experiment, try it out, get it wrong and figure it out for themselves. If we always give them the answers and wrap them in cotton wool they will never truly learn, and if they don’t learn that getting it wrong is okay then where will our future scientists, explorers, philosophers and teachers come from?

This is what we try to do at Sunbeams, with all the children in our care – keeping them safe and busy but allowing them space and time to really learn and enjoy that learning.