• For many parents coming to Sunbeams when your child has turned two is the very first experience of a childcare setting both you and your little one will have had.  Therefore we try to make this a happy moment and stress free. Our experienced staff make it their priority to ensure a positive start to nursery life from the moment you first come to visit the setting and make the decision to enrol your child at Sunbeams. We will endeavour to make you welcome, reassured and listened to.

Our staff will support you on your first day and be guided by what suits you and your child best, to ensure a smooth transition. We have a tried and tested ‘settling in’ process based on playing and exploring, are sensitive to the needs of the child and want to make their first experience of nursery a positive and happy one.  We will, together with you, tailor any additional settling in plan that works best for everyone.

Room to Grow –

  • Our Piglets room is a safe, spacious and enticing room which offers activities, experiences and time for your child to explore and discover. We offer countless opportunities for the children to develop their skills and discover new ones.  We especially enjoy sharing our messy play ideas, construction and role play area, arts and crafts and our quiet book corner.

Developing, Exploring & Flourishing –

  • When joining our Piglets room the main emphasis is on settling the new little ones in to nursery life and supporting those who have never been separated from their parents before. Once happy and feeling secure, the Piglets room is a place where the children can grow, develop and learn the skills that will be the foundation for all their future learning.

We focus on the 3 Prime areas of learning – Personal, Social and Emotional development, Communication and Language, and Physical development. These are the building blocks for life and it enables children to learn how to share, understand boundaries, how to make friendships, build their confidence and self-esteem and especially develop their independence.

Being at our setting gives your child the opportunity to find their voice and express their needs, wants and feelings as well as learning how to cope with other children’s unique characteristics and personalities.

Our fantastic outside area is always available to them, whatever the weather, and we have found this is the best environment to develop those first words and flourishing communication skills. This is also the case for children whose first language is not English.

Our highly qualified and nurturing staff pride themselves in ensuring the children are happy and cared for in an environment that enables learning through play. They can explore, experience and have the room and space to become inquisitive learners.

Sharing With Parents –

  • We pride ourselves on having very good relationships with parents, inviting you into the setting, taking part in our termly Parent Forums and being able to discuss together any issues or concerns that there may be. We are here to listen to you, support you and be a shoulder to cry if the occasion arises.

We keep you up to date with your child’s learning and development through our app based tool, Evidence 4 Learning. We use iPads to document your child’s progress with photos and annotation.   This is then uploaded using the Teacher Cloud, which we update every half term for you to securely download or print. It also gives you the opportunity to comment on your child’s achievements and let us know what you are doing at home. It is always lovely to hear what the children get up to when they are not with us!

Twice a year we hold a parents evening, inviting you into the setting to talk about your child’s development; but you can ask at any time to see their record in the nursery.

We also update the information on the boards outside each classroom door to illustrate what activities the children have been doing that day, this gives you the chance to initiate a conversation with your child rather than just asking, “What have you done today?”